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Top 6 Steps we as an Architect/Designer consider while designing your space.

We the Architects/Designers prioritize few steps to design and make your dream to reality. Here's our salient methodology while designing the space

  • Users Preferences

  • Space Planning

  • Lighting

  • Ventilation

  • Aesthetics and Function

  • Materials and Finishes based on user preference and space requirement

User Preference

While starting a new design/project we prioritize the client needs and requirements, the deep interaction with the client will make us understand their vision and turning them to reality. We place ourselves in their shoes and understand how better we can solve their requiremnet and expand the vision.

Space Planning

Based on client needs and requirements and site parameters respectively, the spaces are defined in an entity with harmony, order, balance, proportion rhythm etc. The spaces are designed

involving significant elements in the site, to make each design more interesting if required. We as the Architect/Designer priorities, the user should engage their day today activities with their preferred and customized enclosure to make them feel dominion.

The transition from place to place are carefully considered in order to create privacy and restrict the visitors to trespass the private zone.


There are two types of lighting which influence the space, they are Natural and Artificial light. The amount of light can be controlled and directed in to a space based on function and requirements and make it feel even more larger and livable. " Luxury does not always desire in material usage it also involves the amount of light flow throughout the space". We could direct the light flow in various opening medium than a conventional window opening.The indirect light flow makes the space much more airy and spacious.


Fenestration is the prime element considered while designing, the opening in an entity which will bring-in the light and ventilation to flow inside the space. In hot and humid regions, the cross ventilation allows the space to cool down and direct the trapped hot air out, which eventually saves the amount of electricity usage since there will be only a minimum requirement of artificial cooling system.

Aesthetics and Function

The aesthetic experience in a space, is not only about the visual form, but it is also multi sensory and immersive, involving the volume, texture and sound which determines the space as we move through it. The aesthetic experience always need to include the cognitive dimension. Aesthetics define's the design quality and purpose. All the elements in a space has it own purpose of function to satisfy the day to day needs and it is also pleasing and gives a visual treat.

Materials and Finishes based on user preference and space requirement

Material and its finish is one of the important aspect while designing a space. Selection of material always influence the aesthetics, site parameters, user preferences etc. Not all materials are suitable for all places, every materials are carefully curated to give visual treat and serve its purpose.

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