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About Us

Aula Designs is a high end architectural and interior design firm based in Chennai that creates spaces that will appeal to your sense of curiosity while being practical as well. We design your dream home or business space that reflects your personality and defines what you love most. We believe in building with integrity and quality, while maintaining an artistic flair through every stage of development. Our goal is to create timeless spaces that fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Each project is driven by an innovative design and crafted with attention to detail, comfort and flexibility. Aula design philosophy is 'understated luxury', which means that all of our designs are luxurious yet minimalist at the same time, using neutrals to create balance and formality when necessary. 
Aula designs creates balanced contemporary spaces that are equal parts form and function with modern silhouettes brought to life by unique use of vintage accents and avant-garde elements. We are committed to creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional, yet have a way of transcending trends.

Every space has a unique story to tell, so that is where we start. From those first conversations, we get to know the people and their story. Then our design team will help you find a way to tell your story through an interior design that elevates everyday life. From the floor plan to the colour palette, every space has its own story to tell. We start with your vision and create spaces that reflect who you are and what you desire.

From the smallest to the largest spaces, Aula Designs creates a complete experience for clients by paying meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the design process. 
Our architectural practice has experience in wide range of projects from simple to Luxury, ranging from residential homes and commercial office space to hotels, healthcare facilities and educational campuses. Our design process reflects this diverse range of influences and is characterised by awareness of the culture in which we live and work.

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