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How it works?

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your Design

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your Space

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the details

Step 1: Choose the Area for Design requirement from the HOME page.

                (example: Interior, Façade, Outdoor, Product, etc.)


Step 2: Choose the sub-category of Space that requires to be designed

                (example: Interior - Kitchen/ Wardrobe/ Bedroom/ Living room etc.)

Step 3: Choose your Style, Colour, Material option of your interests.

              (example: Kitchen – Wooden Brown tones/ Coloured neutral/ Beige/ Grey tones etc,.)

Step 4: Choose your requirement of design from our packages.

             Basic - One View /  Premium - One View + Detailed Drawings / 

             Ultra-Premium - 2 Views + Detailed Drawings + Material Specifications.

             (For design execution assistance, kindly contact us)

Step 5: Kindly fill the requested details about the user of the space and the size of the space/room. Kindly mention the overall dimensions of the space/room to be designed in the specifies based with units measured in (cm, mm, feet, inches).

            *Measuring the size of the room : Measure the room with the help of a measuring tape and draw it in a plain paper with all the measured dimensions (preferably in feet and inches).

Step 6: Upload the following documents. 

              - Photos of the space/room to be designed, covering the windows and door openings. (mandatory)

              - 360 degree video of the space /room, with file size max.15MB (mandatory)

              - A hand drawn sketches of the layout of space/room or a computer generated drawing of the layout of the space/room including the sizes of the windows specifying the sill level. (mandatory)

              - Reference image of your preferred design style output if any (Optional) 


        *Sill Level -The height from the floor level to the bottom of the window placed in the room

        *Don’t forget to mention the unit of the measurements (mm, cm, feet, inches) 

Step 7: Once you have filled the above requirements mentioned, kindly place the order and go through the payment process to confirm the order.

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