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Bedroom - Scandinavian - Beige
  • Bedroom - Scandinavian - Beige


    A custom designed view of your space as per your requirement.

    ₹4,000.00 Regular Price
    ₹2,600.00Sale Price

    Kindly fill the following details


    What design space did you choose?
    Choose the Space You want Designed
    Choose the Appliances you need in your Kitchen
    Choose the Size of the Bed in your bedroom
    Which of the Following do you have in your Pooja Room?
    What is the size of the TV you are going to use
    What type of Door do you need for your wardrobe
    What is the designation of the person who is going to use this office cabin?
    Choose the option that describes the light in your room
    Choose the options that best describe the view from your room
    Select the Flooring type of your space/ Room
    If windws are present in your room, what is the height from Floor level till the bottom of the window
    Does the user require any assistance of any sort for mobility or any other?
    Size of the Space to be Custom designed
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    Customisation Succesfull ! Click "Buy Now"

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