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Expo Display Design

Expo stall designed to showcase the fireplace products.

To maximize visibility and showcase both outdoor and indoor fireplace products, the Expo stall was to be designed strategically. Aula Designs can create a temporary structure that effectively displays the products and sparks ideas.

Space Planning: We have create two distinct areas within the stall - one dedicated to outdoor fireplace products and the other to indoor fireplace products. We have used clear signage or dividers to separate the areas.

We have designed eye-catching focal points in each area to draw attention. The spotlights and well-placed track lights accentuate the details and features of the fireplaces. Spaces for interaction, display of brochures, touch screens or tablets that educate users about various fireplace options, materials, and installation techniques are provided.

We have displayed the brand logo prominently and well-designed signage to highlight the stall and its products. Provided a comfortable seating area within the stall to allow visitors to relax and discuss their fireplace needs with the brand representatives. This will also encourage longer engagement.

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