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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Paint finishes play an important role in architecture and Interior design for home, office, workspaces etc. Home painting colours and finishes influences the feel and vibe of the room and here are 6 types of paint finshes.

1.Flat finish 2.Velvet finish 3.Eggshell finish 4.Satin finish 5.Semigloss finish 6. Gloss finish. In that flat or velvet finish it is used in room ceilings or other downplaying surfaces & walls with imperfections also, can use in adults bedrooms & other interior rooms that won’t be roughed up by kids, it is non-reflective finish.

In Glossy finish it is used to brighten up small and dark spaces, high gloss should be avoided if there is excessive glare, easier to keep clean, it is the toughest & most stain resistant finishes; common in bathrooms, high traffic areas & kids rooms, kitchen, door & window trims, but it highlights the smallest flaws. In Semigloss finish light coloured paint is used to brighten up dark space. In satin finish it is warmer & soft pearl like appearance, great choice for painting moderate to high traffic areas like kitchen, baths & in basements whereas in eggshell finish it has similar appearance to the surface of an egg, bounces light around the room it is used in kitchen, family rooms, foyers, hallways, kid’s bedrooms.

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