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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

How can I select a flooring type for my home? – Flooring is one of the important element in buildings. In that the perspective changes according to tile color, size, material & finish.

Colour of the Tile: Considering color and tone; Monotone tiles will make dust, debris and dirt on the surface of the floor more noticeable, therefore, regular cleaning will be required; In a heavy traffic rooms small pattern will make the coating looks cleaner; If the door, wallpaper, curtains will overlap with floor color means it looks spectacular; light shade of tiles to add coziness for dark room. Size of the Tile: Considering size using large format tiles, you can create the feeling of extra space. It will perfectly fit into the interior of any room; living room, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, corridor, and bedroom. When the room is less than six square meters, then you should choose another option. Tiles of medium size or special mosaic look good on the floor. Finish of the Tile: Considering Material & Finish; Ceramic tile, Rock, Porcelain, PVC, Concrete, Cork in which its finishes varies according to each material. Bathroom tiles design might require a matte anti skid tiles while kitchen floor tiles design might require a stain free easy cleaning tiles, outdoor parking tiles design mint need a anti skid grooved tile for car tyres.

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