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How artificial lighting can enhance your space? How to select lights for your home or office?

How to select light for house? Aula Designs
Lighting and its importance in Interior Design

Lighting is one of the most important parameter to consider while designing a space. Choosing a right color of light is although tough. The apt light fixtures will make a big difference with a flawless finish in a room.

Lighting design in architectural and interior design project. Aula Designs

Understanding the indoor light colour

Colour Temperature of indoor lights.  contact

Whether it's residential, commercial, retail, or outdoor every space needs to be illuminated well with proper light to create a refined ambiance.

There are 3 types of light colours

  1. Warm white (2700-3000k),

  2. Neutral (4000k-5000k),

  3. Cool white (5500k-6500k).

Warm white light is a Yellow tone based light

Warm white lights have lower colour temperature and are perfect for creating a warm and cozy ambiance. They are easy for eyes and reduce eye strain. Yellow tones of lights are ideal for Living, Bedroom, Dining areas, Reception area, Hospitality (Hotels). The colour temperature of the light falls with in a range of 2700k-3000k.

Neutral Light

Neutral lights have higher colour temperature than warm lights and provides a brighter and more focused light. They often used in area which needs more function yet closer to natural light such as Kitchen, Office, Bathroom, Garage, Retail, Educational, Hospital where task lighting is needed. The colour temperature of the light falls with in a range of 4000k-5000k.

Cool white Light

Cool white lights have higher colour temperature and provides brighter light.This type of light features more of a sterile feel and is primarily used in Office, Retail displays, Museums, Medical rooms, Gyms and Industrial or Commercial areas. The colour temperature of the light falls with in a range of 5500k-6500k.

Different Types of Indoor Artificial Lighting

There are 3 elements of lighting namely, Ambient Light, Task Light, Accent Light.

Types of Lighting. Aula Designs

Ambient Light

This is the general artificial light and it illuminates the overall room/area. It provides an equal spread of light to give a comfortable level of brightness and navigates safety around the room.

Typically it can be provided by Pendent Light, Ceiling Down light.

Task Light

It allows the completion of task such as reading, studying and way finding etc. It is used where ambient light level are insufficient for the task in hand.

Accent Light

This type of lighting adds drama to the space and character and allows certain features regarding to highlight the interest. The accent light draws viewer’s attention to the items that is lit.

Façade Light

There are more techniques to highlight your façade with lights

Direct Lighting or light falling directly on the façade

Grazing or placing a façade light near a vertical surface. These lights are generally placed at the bottom which fades as they reach the top. This method helps highlighting textured surface correctly.

Wall Washer light can illuminate flat facade and add more life to the place, it is generally placed far from the surface.

Accentuating light is the opposite of washing light, as in this technique the lights placed closer to the façade and creates instant dramatic effect with the structural elements, openings and building details.

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