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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

How greenery influence in day to day life? – Greenery provide a sense of balance architecturally and psychologically. Buildings that feature greenery do more than just look good. The green spaces prove beneficial to building occupants, and even the building itself stands to benefit.

Implementing Greenery on walls and roof of the buildings it reduces energy usage, it extend roof lives, it moderate temperatures in hot spots. Greenery can make space cooler by as much 45 degrees. Research says, indoor plants in the office reduces indoor air pollutants 87% in 24 hrs, overall stress by 60%, anxiety by 37%, fatigue by 38%, headaches by 20% and noise by upto 50%. Researchers have found that deciduous trees or vines to the west is typically most effective for cooling a building, especially if they shade windows and part of the building’s roof.

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