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Do It Yourself Projects for your Home decoration| Style your home interior | DIY Wall Installation

Wall installations have an essential role in expressing the beauty and standards of the space. It is the finishing element that can help to pull a space together also makes it feel complete, whenever user walks into a room their eyes are drawn to specific spots that's how wall installation acts.

Wall Installation tips

  • Remember you are decorating a wall. Choose smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger canvas wall art pieces for big walls.

  • Avoid hanging installations in direct sunlight to prevent damage. Artwork should be properly lit, but avoid using sunlight. Direct sunlight can lead to irreparable damage. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause artwork to fade, crack, or warp.

  • Wall installations should be placed at eye level.

  • Creating an wall installations, first analyse what materials do you have and plan the design accordingly for selected wall.


  • If you have steel screen hangers, ropes, waste wood slaps and hooks you can create hanging wall pieces in your walls by tying those woods with ropes and connecting it to hooks and hang it in screen hangers which makes the wall unique and different.

  • If you have coconut shells or small clay pots, ropes and wood trunks or twigs you can create vertical garden with indoor plants, it makes user to feel pleasant.

  • We can create frames using ice cream sticks and spray paints which makes the wall complete.

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